What To Look For in an SEO Marketing Company


With so many SEO Marketing companies out there offering and even guaranteeing you to be “number one in Google”, who do you trust? With so many offering these services but demanding such high upfront fees whether they perform and get you “number one in Google”, the fundamental question remains, how do you know and who do you trust? They all seem to talk in this weird foreign geek Google language, and offer a “one fit solution”. What’s a business owner to do? How do they spend their marketing dollars wisely and get a comprehensive service that will ultimately do the only thing business owners want- more customers and more revenue. With that being the case- how does a business owner go about making the right decision? Here are some factors to look for when shopping for a partner in your online marketing efforts:

1. Look for a company that understands your business and what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to get more customers? Do you want to communicate with your existing customers and retain them for future sales? Do you have an existing marketing campaign that is doing well but with an online enhancement can do better? These are questions a knowledgeable and skilled SEO Marketing Company should ask you.

2. Is the SEO Marketing Company willing to track the leads generated as a result of their efforts? While some SEO companies are willing to show proof by providing a tracking system, other SEO companies don’t offer a tracking mechanism. Everyone knows in business that tracking is important. If you can’t track it, you can’t manage it, and if you can’t manage it, you can’t duplicate it. Any SEO Marketing Company that is confident in their abilities to not only rank but generate leads to your business.

3. Is the SEO Marketing Company willing offer pay for performance services? While we do ask for a small upfront fee to get started on the analysis and strategy development, TekTraffic.com is willing to offer pay for performance based on delivery of milestones. Bottom line, if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay us until we do. That way, we are accountable to do a good job and work hard for you to achieve your online goals.

4. Does the SEO Marketing Company

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